Camjobz Required
A proper set up is a very important element of being a successful web cam model. In fact, we can NOT manage models who do not meet our minimum equipment requirements. We do not want to waste our time or yours so we require you to meet the equipment standards below. If you are not sure if you meet the requirements below , please contact us

These requirements are required to ensure a successful earning situation for you!

1) You must have a PC, Mac or Full Size Laptop with at least a Dual Core Processor.
(i3, i5 or i7 preferred). If you are unsure if your computer is up to our standards or you need assistance finding the right equipment contact us

Camjobz Required Equipment 2) You must have a direct high speed broadband Internet connection
your upload speed must be at least 0.8 Mbps. If your upload speed is below 0.8 Mbps, a quick call to your internet service provider can boost your speed. Just ask for a speed upgrade. Test your upload speed here

Camjobz Required Equipment 3) You must own or purchase a HD webcam like a Logitech C910
Available at Best Buy or Online. Seriously, its a great investment and you can make it back your first day of work.
*NOTE* You can start off with your built in cam if you can't afford a proper HD webcam.

Camjobz Required Equipment If you are unsure if your equipment is up to our standards, or you need assistance finding the right equipment contact us »